Not sure where to begin? Do you know the life you have falls short of the amazing creations you know you have inside of you? Frustrated and unfulfilled in any area of life? Tuhy coaching examines the stories you tell yourself that end up creating the experiences you don’t want, and carries you through the process of speaking in your highest reality for the best good of the world you live in. Schedule a discovery session today!


The only thing between you and your dreams is words. Whatever you can create in language, you can accomplish in reality, if you have the right coach! Tuhy’s advanced levels of training and development allow her to hear in your speech where you carry limiting beliefs, and clear them through energy work, hypnosis, and sometimes good old fashioned North Dakota common sense! This unique coaching style combines law of manifestation principles with proven business techniques to level up your business with velocity so you can accomplish what you know you’re here to do right now! Schedule today!


Do you have a special story to tell? Perhaps you’ve survived something extraordinary, and you’ve always wanted to write that book about it, and you know you will, “someday.” Well, make your someday today! Utilize Tuhy’s special skill set and expertise in healing through writing to create your story! Schedule now!