Intentional Union

Everything is created in language, and oftentimes, we are remarkably unconscious about what we create and commit to in relationships. If you are someone desiring a self-generated commitment with your loved one(s), the TUHY Process for intentional creation is for you! Using this process, you and your beau(s) will meet with Chris to get absolutely clear on what it is you are creating with your union and share this creation in a beautiful ceremony that honors and shares who you are and the love that will carry you through your commitment. Schedule your session today to discover what’s possible!

Intentional Separation

Due to the unconsciousness with which we create commitments in relationships, things fall apart in painful ways. The intentional separation sessions and ceremony exist to add beauty and unity, even to the end. The TUHY process for completion will, in just four sessions plus the initial discovery session: (1) save you endless amounts of money on divorce attorneys; (2) honor and protect the hearts of any children involved; (3) complete your past together; (4) create a new future aligned as friends, coparents, or whatever it is you say you will be; and (5) leave you with the presence of love and affinity, even in separation. Schedule your discover session with TUHY today!

Healing Sexual Trauma

When sexual violence happens, there are many levels and layers of healing to move through, both for individuals and for their communities. Using a combination of artistic expression, story sharing, and energy healing, this unique process allows pain to move through the body and spirit, and encourages authorship over one’s own healing process, thus restoring the subjectivity of the self. Since oftentimes the deeper message of rape is one of complete banishment from self and community, a healing ceremony is offered to guide loved ones through the necessary conversations and reinstate the integrity of the circle. Book a discovery session to transform your loss into a window into your greatness.

Intentional Childbirth

Childbirth is one of the most profound ways in which we create our experience (and that of our little ones) in language. Learning self-hypnosis gives mothers, especially mothers who have a history of sexual trauma, access to remarkably healing and powerful birth experiences. Even more importantly, self-hypnosis allows babies to experience the many benefits of natural childbirth, which paves the way for a robust mother-baby bond and a secure, happy, healthy child. Intentional childbirth is a listening-based parenting strategy, and these sessions include simple techniques for communicating effectively with your baby. Book a discovery session to learn more about this moving and beautiful process!