Chris Tuhy is the founder of the Healing Story movement. What is the Healing Story movement? Healing Story through the TUHY platform consists of books, community events, and talks to that interrupt polarizing conversations and elevate them with love and understanding.

Her personal story is a testimony to the power that creativity has to heal the wounds of sexual violence. She pushes people to become responsible for their own stories and to see forgiveness as the access to transformation. Chris is creating a culture that pulls not for silence, not for shame and anger, but for true healing and powerful partnerships for responsible violence prevention. Her fun and whimsical voice challenges the assumptions of men and women alike about sex, intimacy, and power. She spreads healing and forgiveness by encouraging men and women to uplift each other, and to create the world together.

In this event, Chris will take a deep dive into the self-limiting stories we tell ourselves about business and money. Her commitment is that everyone present at the Florida Women’s Event experience that anything is possible!



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